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  • Animal Lovers Service Projects

    When you think about helping animals, cats and dogs are the first to come to your mind, however there are plenty of animals that are not in shelters and there are ways you can help them. Here are a few ideas where you can help dogs, cats, and “wild” animals.

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  • College Tips

    1. Buy an alarm clock. I know you say that it’s 2013 and no one uses an alarm clock anymore because phones have alarms.  Right…until you forget to plug your phone in and it dies or somehow you silence the ringer. Save yourself the embarrassment of walking into class 10 minutes before it ends and just bring an alarm clock so you have a backup.

    2. Wait on

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  • Jamming Away Bullying

    Teen celebrities came together last weekend at Summer Jam for a cause that affects 3.2 million students every year: bullying (

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  • Words From an Intern

    It’s been a fantastic summer in regards to being able to have the experiences I have had with this internship. When you originally think of the word, “Internship,” you immediately think about doing all the work around an office that the higher up’s don’t want to do, and the worst part is you don’t even usually get

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    FCCLA, or Family, Career and Community Leader of America, is an organization which strives to “promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education,” according to their website, Skylar

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