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  • Splish Splash Swim Clinic

    I am a high school swimmer in Indiana and a VolunTEEN Nation Ambassador. On Saturday, August 9th, I organized a swim clinic for youth on the Autism spectrum and youth with Down syndrome. It was a blast! We had ten special Olympic athletes and ten volunteer swim instructors. We played water games and had pizza and cupcakes for lunch. In the end, the smile on everyone’s face during the event... Read more
  • Growing a Garden and Giving Back

    Today I donated 10 more pounds of cucumbers to my local food pantry from my backyard garden. I think the cucumbers are taking over my garden this year. I was lucky enough to be one of 31 grantees to receive funding from Katie's Krops, an incredible non-profit organization. Selected from over 170 applicants, I am now one of more than 75 inspirational youth nationwide growing

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  • Planting a Seed of Joy

    Although I am very young, I have found that there is absolutely no certainty, but only opportunity. My Esophagus is connected to my Cardia with self-motivation and passion. I am purely made up of and function on these qualities. Every bone and inch in my body literally transmits to my brain that I can do anything as long as I truly care and believe. I believe and advocate this. I would like

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  • Making a Difference

    I have always loved to do community service. Ever since I was little, I have wanted to make a difference in the world. I have never felt that it was fair that anyone should be less fortunate than I am. That is why I chose to spend part of my summer not how some other eleven year olds might like to spend it, such as hanging out with their friends or going to an amusement park, but

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  • 5 Tips for Public Speaking

    Public speaking is largely considered most people’s biggest fear. Some schools attempt to combat this fear by forcing students into public speaking classes and reminding them it is an essential part of all jobs. If your class was anything like my COM 103 class, most kids won't want to be there or are unwilling to retain information at 9am.  I’m going on my 7th 

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