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  • Splish Splash Clinic

    Tyler Harmon, ZCHS junior and member of the Zionsville Swim Club, received a grant from National Child Awareness Month Youth Service Program in 2015.

    NCAM YSA grants offer kids an opportunity to receive $1000 to combat critical issues facing youth and help make a lasting, positive impact in their community. Harmon teamed up with Little Star Center, Lauryn

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  • Raise.Me to an Affordable Education

    Today, college can seem like a money vacuum. With tuition rising, it seems impossible to go to college and come out debt free. The website www.Raise.Me is working to fight against graduates in debt by awarding college scholarship money to you every time you accomplish a small goal during high school, like getting an “A” in a class or doing one hour of community service.

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  • Lab Candy: Making Science Accessible to Young Girls

    If I have one hope for the future, it is to see an equal representation of men and women in science industries across the world. I wish that in the near future, science industries will see women at the helm of innovations and breakthroughs alongside men, and be radically different from the male-dominated bastions that they are today. But I know that for this sea change to take

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  • How Youth Can Support the Ferguson-Florissant Community

    St. Louis is our home. We have gone to clean up the streets of Ferguson and volunteered at the Ferguson Library offering free educational programs while the Ferguson-Florissant and Jennings School Districts remained closed. Youth can and do make an impact. One of our major goals is to inspire more young people to see themselves as positive changemakers and take action to improve

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  • Keds Brave Life Summit

    It has been three days since I attended the Keds Brave Life Summit and my head and my heart are still swirling. Arriving in New York, I had no idea what to expect from the experience and I felt tings of nervousness and gratitude for the experience.

    The plane ride from Georgia to New York gave me some time to think. I thought about my future as late as what I would do after retirement

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