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  • Everybody Dance Now!

    In 2005, at the age of 14 Jackie Rotman founded the organization Everybody Dance Now! (EDN!).  Originally founded in Santa Barbara, EDN! now operates eight chapters nation wide. Each chapter works to introduce experienced dance instructors with children in their community who don’t otherwise have the opportunity to become involved in dance and other activities due to lack of funds. The

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  • Celebrate the Olympics with Service

    One of the best things about the Olympics is the fact that it is a 17-day event of nations coming together to celebrate a tradition that has been in place for a long time.  To me, the Olympics are about putting differences aside for a few weeks and instead bringing peace, unity, respect, and excellence to all in the spirit of friendly athletic

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  • Celebrate a Birthday with Service

    This August the St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf will be celebrating their 175th anniversary of helping children who are hearing impaired.

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  • Skate for Change

    Mike Smith wasn’t planning on starting a national organization. He was an outreach worker that worked with homeless and runaway teenagers. His method of transportation, however, was unique – you don’t often see outreach workers on skateboards. Every Tuesday Mike would skate around the Lincoln, Nebraska area and hand out supplies to the homeless. It grew from Mike, to Mike and a friend, to

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  • Do Good From Home

    We all know that sometimes life can get a little crazy. Schedules fill up in the blink of an eye, obligations seem to come out of the woodwork, and service isn’t always the first thing on the average teen’s mind. Luckily, with SaySo For Good, you can give back in fifteen minutes from the comfort of your own home.

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