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  • Preserving a Culture

    Julia Chiriboga is the ambitious founder of Adonya Imports

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  • Brianna Moyer

    One of this month's VolunTEEN of the Month, Brianna Moyer, hails from Minerva, Ohio. Nominated by her sister, Brianna has a passion about volunteering and servant leadership, and this passion has led her to some pretty awesome experiences. For instance, one thing that both Brianna and I have in common is that we attended... Read more
  • Shopping for a Cause

    There are many ways you can help out and make the world a better place. VolunTEEN Nation, of course, is a perfect example of that! We work to make volunteering and doing good as easy as we can… but what if you could do good without doing anything? This is the goal that Zack Rosenberg hopes to achieve through an organization he started called DoGoodBuyUs.

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  • Make Your Mark

    Aminah Williams and her best friend Jana Gamble started their own organization called Livingsweet.  This organization focuses on helping the community have healthier lives and encouraging people to become organ donors.  On July 18, 2012, she became an organ donor and also saved her father’s life and the organization began.  In order to become an organ donor, it is important

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  • The Society for Educating Women

    Despite campaigns like the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, young women growing up in the 21st century still face stigma across the United States and world, simply based on their gender. Fighting stigma and empowering women is at the heart of The Society for Educating Women’s work. This weekend, SEW will be hosting a conference in St. Louis, Missouri featuring an

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