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  • A Happy Camper at Katie's Krops Camp

    Katie's Krops Camp brought learning to life in the garden. I was honored to be able to attend Katie’s Krops Camp with 13 other youth ages 9 to 16 from throughout the nation. We all were recipients of a generous grant from Katie’s Krops to grow vegetable gardens with the purpose of fighting hunger in our communities. We utilize the grant from Katie’s Krops to purchase gardening supplies and

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  • A Rose that Grows in Concrete

    Did you know brain injuries affect nearly 4 million people?  When adversity strikes, Bailey Ehasz finds her way to overcome it in the most positive way possible. Bailey was hit by a motor vehicle while crossing the street in a crosswalk and suffered from a traumatic brain injury and numerous fractures. As a result, she was forced to relearn everything that she once knew.  

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  • A Very American Dream

    A very American Dream. That's what started it all. Jessica Jeppsson, founder of the Pearl Connection, had a dream to own a little brick building. Within this building, Jessica wanted to sell clothes, accessories, and ties which are all American made. They are not imported from China, Taiwan, or Japan. Jessica wanted only truly American brands and manufacturers. 

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  • The Helping Hand

    Katherine Giordano, 17, of Morristown, New Jersey has been an active member of her community since a young age. Her parents have always encouraged her to get involved whether it was in school or the community. Since then, she has taken on many community and school opportunities for involvement and leadership.

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  • Turning the Other Cheek

    Levi Fallavollita, 13, of Tucson, Arizona was a victim of bullying in the 5th grade. After experiencing verbal and physical abuse, Levi decided that he would tell his story about bullying by writing a book, “The Good, The Bad, and The Bullies.”

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