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  • Trash to Treasure

    Have you ever considered your trash may be a treasure chest holding gold and emeralds?  We throw away things each day and don’t think twice about how we can reuse it as.  One way is to recycle but, reusing trash will allow benefits for the person and the environment: double whammy. 

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  • 5 Service Projects for Children 5 and Under

    Think there is an age limit to volunteering? Well, think again! Here are some of the many ways that even someone under five years of age can give back to their community!

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  • Giving Back Through Song

    Micah Schure, 20, was recently named as one of Glamour Magazine's Top Ten College Women. Glamour has acknowledged Micah for her outstanding singing voice. While singing across the country and meeting famous musicians, she also studies Communications and Marketing with an emphasis in Public Relations at Emerson College.

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  • The Millennial Generation

    David Burstein, 24, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our Worldbelieves that his generation, the Millennial Generation, is currently and will continue to alter the world in terms of business, technology, philanthropy, politics, and culture in the next twenty to thirty years. Although all previous

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  • Fighting Hunger One Garden at a Time

    I have always wanted to plant a vegetable garden.  My parents were not as eager or supportive to allow me to dive in the dirt to plant a garden. They assumed that a garden would be too much work to start up and that the upkeep and maintenance would be challenging. It is always fun to prove your parents wrong.
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