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  • Small Acts of Kindness

    When I initially decided that I wanted to spend some of my own time volunteering I wasn’t quite sure what impact it would have on me and just how beneficial it would be. However after I started volunteering so much, I learned a lot about myself and about others too, I developed listening skills and learned how to take on board other people’s views and ideas. I enjoy working alone and completing... Read more
  • Getting the Word Out

    It just so happens that you have come up with an idea for an awesome summer service project. You’ve got your friends, you’ve got your gear, and you’ve got the date picked out. And now you’re left with the question, how do I get the word out? Well, here are the five easiest ways to get the word out about your project and get your community involved.

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  • Do gooders, not delinquents

    Organizations should consider teen volunteers because teens care. I know, America's youth are stereotyped as disrespectful delinquents, but this is not the case. Many young people care about their world and notice the problems in it. Teens want to fix these problems, but they don't know how. Volunteering is a great way to do this.

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  • Making a Difference

    Differences Magazine is ever-growing as a provider of advice and help for teens. Currently, Differences Magazine is working on opening the Differences Foundation. With this program, Differences Magazine hopes to empower teens through education, journalism and community activism.

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  • Volunteen of the Month: Harris Pervaiz

    Chicago student Haaris Pervaiz became frustrated his sophomore year of high school. While Haaris was an active volunteer in his community, doing everything from charity runs to working in a soup kitchen, he didn’t notice any other teens volunteering at these events. This, along with his desire to devote himself to one volunteer organization, inspired Haaris to become involved with Project ARC.... Read more