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  • Music of the Heart

    In 2010, Suneil Kamath launched his organization, Music of the Heart (MOTH). Through MOTH, Suneil hopes to give all children the opportunity to experience music. A talented violinist, Suneil volunteered at a local hospital and played for the patients as a child. He was amazed at how the patients responded to the music and discovered its healing powers. His experience with the patients, along

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  • Jacob’s Wish

    At the age of thirteen, Sydney Copeland recently finished her third annual stuffed animal drive for her charity, Jacob’s Wish.  Jacob was a boy who died of cancer at the age of seven.  As he suffered, he did everything he could to try and comfort patients who also struggled with cancer. 

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  • One Girl Helping Another

    “It was literally one little girl helping another,” says Kendall Ciesemier as she explains what started Kids Caring for Kids. This organization is dedicated to helping kids all over the world. The organization began with a focus on children’s poverty in Africa, by partnering up with different existing organizations and helping to raise money. It is now a national organization helping

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  • Katie’s Krops

    To make Papa Stag’s Eggplant Delish, you need 3 Japanese eggplants, breadcrumbs, some olive oil, eggs and seasoning. Then, just follow Katie Stagliano’s family recipe.  While Papa Stag’s Eggplant Delish is Katie’s favorite recipe to cook, she’s focused on a bigger project. Katie is the six-teen year old founder of Katie’s Krops, an organization that grows and donates vegetables to feed the

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  • From Ewe to You

    Inspiration to service others can come at the most seemingly ordinary of times. For me, it was a day out running errands with my mother. While stopped at a light, I spotted a homeless man. Our eyes locked and in that moment I could see past the dirty clothing to the man he was. Thoughts of the man plagued me throughout the day.

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