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  • High School Film Festival

    Calling all High School filmmakers. Have you ever thought about submitting your short film to festivals such as Sundance, but wanted to be around a cooler crowd? Then the ALL-AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL FILM FESTIVAL is for you. Students can submit their work, and the winner gets flown out to New York for the festival to have their film showcased on the big screen. The festival consists of

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  • Volunteen of the Month: Charles Orgbon

    Charles Orgbon, a junior at the largest high school in Georgia, Mill Creek High School, is the founder and CEO of Greening Forward. He moved to the suburban community of Gwinnett County after spending his childhood on his family’s farm, and he was troubled by the lack of environmental concern and the amount of liter he saw around him. He formed a student action team at his school to help deal... Read more
  • 10 Teen Celebrities Involved in Service

    Volunteering can range into a variety of different categories.  Also, if you do not have a starting point, you can always look up to your favorite celebrity and see what they are into.  Many celebrities like to donate their time into their favorite cause.  Whether it is raising awareness, helping out at a hospital, charity shows, or simply just hanging out with someone else.  Teen celebrities... Read more
  • Increase Self Confidence Levels

    We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  As teens, you’re constantly feeling pressure from others – whether it’s parents, siblings, friends, teachers; the list goes on.  However, have you ever wondered whether you’re placing unnecessary pressure on yourself?
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  • Volunteen of the Month: Jalissa Green

    If you’ve made it to Volunteen’s site, you probably already know that service is important. However, we can always learn about why service is important to other people. For Volunteen Jalissa Green, a recent graduate of Leesville High School in Louisiana, service means an opportunity to make an impact on someone's world.
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