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  • STEM Poster Contest

    As a Theatre major, I spend most of my time immersed in subjects relating to the performing arts; like many other students pursuing a degree in an artistic field, I often feel the divide between the arts and sciences. Growing up, teachers often encouraged me toward reading, writing, and history, simply because these were the subjects in which I showed the highest aptitude. Moreover, I

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  • Food Day

    Without food, we couldn’t survive.  But the contemporary American diet also presents society with a serious hazard.  Food Day is a year-round, nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots action for better food policies.  It culminates on October 24 every year. Whether Food Day organizers are combating hunger, addressing agricultural policy,

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  • Global Youth Service Day

    The millennial generation is known as one of the most civically engaged generations, ever. This can be seen on the emphasis schools have in community service, and the wide availability of service learning trips through various organizations. The millennial’s are redefining what it means to be a global citizen by participating in civic engagement. With so many things to do in our daily lives,

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  • An interview with Adhika Dwi Pramudita

    Talented, determined, inspiring; these are three words I would use to describe Adhika Dwi Pramudita, a young, successful social entrepreneur in Indonesia.  Adhika is the business director of Media Pena Creativindo and the man in charge of Studentpreneur, a magazine that helps to inspire and educate young adults looking to go into

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  • Creating Easter Memories as a Volunteer

    For many children, Easter would not be complete without a basket filled of chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs, but for some low-income families, the classic tradition isn’t possible.

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