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  • Volunteering to Teach STEM

    Our National Youth Representative out of Arizona, Levi Haros, teamed up with The Supply Chain Management and Intel to provide a Supply Chain Management workshop for high school students at Desert Vista High School.  The workshop is to educate students about Supply Chain Management and the importance of STEM.  Almost all college students studying Supply Chain Management have never heard of the... Read more
  • Greenwich High School's Teens Teach Tech Program

    Today, I cannot imagine life without technology. I check my iPhone every hour to respond to emails, frequently work on school projects through Skype, and coordinate extracurricular projects through Facebook groups. Unfortunately, far too many senior citizens have never received the necessary education to experience the myriad benefits of technology.

    This year, I strived to change... Read more
  • 'And then the Climate Changed'

    Climate Change will have significant impacts on children’s health and psychological well-being, due to climate-related natural disasters and other changes in the environment and weather. Likely effects, which will increase as climate change’s physical impacts accelerate, include stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and a loss of community identity.
    A new... Read more
  • Catalyzing Economic, Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment: Casting for Hope

    The jury has returned its unanimous verdict: cancer is responsible for the highest economic loss of all the leading causes of death worldwide. A study from the American Cancer Society and Livestrong posits that in 2008, the

    ... Read more
  • Casting for Hope

    Fishing has always been one of America's most iconic pastimes. Calm days on the water can really alleviate a tough week. A group of students from Western North Carolina created a phenomenal project.

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