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  • Feeling Down, Volunteer!

    High school and college can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful experiences. Between class, midterms, sports, and various after school activities, who has time to add volunteering to that list, right? Think again!
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  • Volunteen of the Month: Addison Graham

    When it comes to service, there is no age that is too young to make a difference. The impact one has on a community has no prerequisite other than a desire to make a difference. Addison Graham, a 12-year-old who lives in southeastern Massachusetts, has proven that young teens can be the change in a community.
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  • Power of Social Media

    Have you seen the Kony 2012 short film? It has recorded over 86 million views on YouTube. The widespread exposure has taught many about the LRA and Joseph Kony, who have been abducting children for his army. The Invisible Children organization, who created this video, is initiating a global movement by effectively using powers of social media to inspire young people about this armed conflict in... Read more
  • Reasons to Volunteer are Endless

    As a 17-year-old, a youth of today, I think the importance and reasons to volunteer are endless. It’s fairly obvious to say that with the advances in technology, youth seem so occupied and choose to spend their time by trying to beat their highest score on Temple Run!
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  • Inspired to Serve

    When I signed up as a volunteer for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service this year, I had no idea what project I would be assigned. I only knew that I wanted to help serve the New Orleans community in any way that I could, especially on a day that honored a man who had done so much to serve our country. When I received the slip of paper that told me what I would be doing,

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