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  • The Smallest Things Can be Most Rewarding

    I’m sure many teenagers have felt hopeless and like giving up when searching for volunteer opportunities and simply give back. I know I have.
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  • IGNITE: Intentional Genuine Natural Improvisational Total Engaging

    Last year I was able to lead a march in silence protesting domestic violence. In the mix of it I attended an event today and remembered where I started getting involved, why I work for change, and what I expect out of it. As I walked around Rockland’s campus with elected officials, nonprofit officials, and a few students with posters I noted the crowd behind us grow large.
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  • Joplin: Almost a Year Later

    On the evening of Sunday, May 22, 2011 a disaster struck the community of Joplin, Missouri in the form of an EF-5 tornado.  The twister rapidly intensified as it hit the southern portion of the city and continued its destructive path east on Interstate 44 into Jasper and Newton counties.   The tornado took out roofs and even wiped out entire homes, neighborhoods, and a hospital.  What had... Read more
  • Bringing Hope to the Classroom

    I spend 50 minutes every school day with a roomful of high school freshman. These students would rather talk, text and complain than do their schoolwork. I volunteered to tutor them.

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  • Benefits of Volunteering

    Why volunteer? Is it for the warm feeling, joy and inspiration that arises in a person? Is it to make another life better in some way? Or is it because you are bored one day? I volunteer at Tops Soccer to share my love for the game.

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