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  • Women LEAD Internship in 2014!

    Women LEAD empowers young women to take key leadership positions alongside men in Nepal. Women LEAD is the first and only leadership development

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  • Offering Hope, Courage, and Strength – RAINN Profile

    Rape, abuse and incest are flagrant violations of human rights – offenses that, for the most part, strip their victims of confidence, only to inject into them a lethal admixture of fear, guilt and shame. These forms of sexual

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  • In Between Dreams

    Tim Hwang, a junior at Princeton University, is no stranger to community work. His passion and commitment was visible from the age of 14, when he founded a national non-profit called Operation Fly Inc., to deliver basic necessities to those in need. “Leadership to me isn't about any title or influence; rather its about serving other people by providing guidance in any way that solves

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  • Volunteen of the Month: Ken Zheng

    In some school districts students have access to a wide variety of educational enrichment programs from elementary school onward. Students in the St. Louis Public School District rarely have access to as many of these opportunities.

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  • A Motivation to Serve

    An empowered mass of youth have historically affected the largest political and social change in America—a historical truth. The youth of our nation represent the best and brightest of what we have to offer because they will be at the helm of leadership some day. It is my personal belief that we should accelerate that process and catapult innovation and millennial solutions to the forefront

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