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  • Use Your Difference to Make a Difference

    Can you imagine a world where the youth have a voice and actually do something about solving the world’s problems and bridge gaps as educators, diplomats and travel enthusiasts? That’s a world I imagine everyday and that’s what gave birth to my mission statement which is "use your difference to make a difference." I don’t subscribe to the status quo that says one should go about

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  • Mark Up Your World

    Emily Lundberg. If that name seems familiar it is because she used to be an intern here at Volunteen Nation. Now she is creating her own website, Contemporary Success. 

    Emily has grown up working hard for everything she has. This includes three internships under belt, top notch grades, and the upcoming website. Through all of it, she couldn’t seem to find a

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  • A Social Venture

    Young entrepreneurs find that Chapel Hill fosters its growing entrepreneurial ecosystem like it approaches most issues – as a community. 

    Jacob Bernstein, Thomas Doochin and Taylor Sharp felt nothing but support from the entrepreneurial community in Chapel Hill. The three UNC-Chapel Hill sophomores founded an online social venture called

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  • Greening Forward

    Did you know that recycling aluminum saves the nation 95% of the energy that would have been needed to extract new aluminum from its ore? Or, that not constructing one oil rig

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  • By Leveraging the Power of Youth

    Harnessing the creativity and energy of youth, has never been more important than it is in this age of advancement. Our youth populace, which forms the pool of principal stakeholders of our globalized, ever-innovating society, is an essential asset to the betterment of our world as we know it. Today,

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