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Latest Blog Post

Selfie for A Cause

Is it possible to combine self promotion with a charitable cause? That’s what we have achieved with the #UltimateSelfieCampaign

Creative Chatter Communities is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Our no charge software platform is used by other non-profit organizations across the country to find in-kind donations. These organizations simply post requests for items they need to help them achieve their goals. Our corporate partners and local community members post items they wish to donate.

Our software scans these needs and resources and looks for matches that occur within a 30 mile radius. When a match is found, we connect the two parties to fill the need. When non-profit organizations spend less time looking for resources, they can invest more time on their actual mission. That’s the heart of Creative Chatter.

The Ultimate Selfie Campaign is a digital marketing campaign that we refer to as a “Selfie for a Cause”. The #UltimateSelfieCampaign is a partnership with one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in North America, Lamar Advertising. Anyone can simply go to and upload their selfie, and a brief message, after making a $25 donation. The selfie will then display on digital billboard space donated by Lamar in more than 50 cities around the country from Los Angeles to New York. The digital billboard component of the campaign is expected to result in more than 10.8 million impressions per week as it spans hundreds of billboards. 

Your selfie can help make local communities a better place!

Promoting Peace in St. Louis

On August 9th, the history of St. Louis was changed. This marked the untimely death of Michael Brown, which was followed by many days of unrest in the Ferguson community. These protests not only affected the surrounding communities of St. Louis, but the whole entire world. 

I thought that applying to the peace in St.Louis grant would be a good idea. My friends and I came up with the idea of a 'meet a police officer' event held at a Ferguson-Florissant school district preschool class. 

The event was held on Thursday, March 19 at the preschool classes of Cool Valley Elementary School. Detective Susan Adams from the Normandy Police Department came and talked to the children about stranger danger, types of street signs, and public safety. They even got to ask some questions. 

The kids also got to make a 'stop light' snack made of graham crackers, yogurt, and fruit, as well as draw pictures of what they learned during the talk. 

To conclude the day, the children got to look inside and sit in a police car. They were also able to take home a bag filled with police stickers, a small pullback police car, and a police badge. 

Introducing Stemagora

The human voice is the oldest communication tool, used before we picked up tools to chip away at our cave blogs.  In a world of multitasking, it’s hard to stare at a screen all the time. Audio allows us to interact, learn and convince others while still noticing the flowers that dot our paths. If you’re already familiar with podcasts you know you can ride the bus, bake muffins or try to measure electron spin while you listen. 

Science and technology are reaching us better today because of the hundreds of audio podcasts with STEM topics. Many of these audio programs have great presenters and material, but it’s difficult or impossible for people to get involved in their production. Stemagora will be an audio program with an open contribution system. You can record a segment on any science, technology, engineering or math topic that intrigues you enough to share. Even better, it allows you to combine the topics you want with the format that you use best. 

Your contribution can be an audio site-visit, a short story, a tutorial, even a song about Mars! If there is a scientist that interests you, try calling her up for an interview. Do some research and debate a friend on the technological singularity. Try to explain epigenetics to your uncle. If it interests you, it will interest others. Stemagora will edit the audio contributions together into thematic episodes for listeners around the world.

The first contributions to Stemagora are now being accepted through an audio science contest called Jawbreaker. You can upload your entry in .mp3 format until June 15th to be eligible for prizes, and any time thereafter to contribute to the podcast as a volunteer science journalist. For rules and more information visit

Keep making noise!

Renovating a Home

On Valentine’s Day, Levi Haros along with The Hispanic Business Students Association at Arizona State University volunteered with Habitat For Humanity.  Levi and HBSA renovated a house in Casa Grande, Arizona for a woman and her family in need.  The organization was split into different teams.  While one team laid down protection in the newly installed wood floors, other members scalped the backyard of any weeds, and lastly, others leveled the front yard and poured new rocks in the front yard.  Within six hours, The Hispanic Business Students Association at Arizona State University transformed the bare house into a home ready to move in!  

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit that was founded 1976 by the Fuller family. The organization is committed to eradicate the issue of poverty housing.  The organization renovates old houses and builds new buildings in urban areas. Within the nonprofit, there are a number of programs such as: A Brush of Kindness, Neighborhood Revitalization, & Disaster Response.  The houses that they build are modestly-sized and built to reflect the local culture.  

The Hispanic Business Students Association is committed to build students at Arizona State University personally, professionally, and academically.  The organization regularly volunteers to build its community through service projects. 

The Power of $100

Frosted glass, cold feet, and pulsing hands graced across the ice rink in an effort to sponsor a family on and provide gifts for those who are underprivileged. VolunTEEN Nation Ambassador Sharlena Luyen coordinated this family event to create a type of cheer worth spreading. She wanted to show everyone what this holiday season was all about -- giving happiness. With this in mind, Sharlena had over 100 supporters come out to the rink and skate, along with special guest Miss Teen Regional US Shayauna Mellin to support the cause. At the end of the night, Sharlena raised enough money to sponsor nearly three families on CommuniGift, purchasing essentials from shoes and educational toys to coats and pants.

After the event, she realized the power of a single hundred dollar bill. With this, she challenges everyone to take part in an upcoming project, "Feed 100 people for 100 dollars."